Beverages Freshly Brewed Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea

Chilled Juices - Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry & Apple

Iced Tea

Arnold Palmer (Lemonade & Ice Tea)

Hot Spiced Cider or Hot Chocolate

Non-Alcoholic Fruit Punch

Assorted Soft Drinks

Assorted Mineral Waters - Still, Sparkling & Flavored

Individual Bottles of Juice


Strawberry Lemonade

Caribbean Punch

Baked Items

Assorted Breakfast Pastries with Butterand Fruit Preserves

Assortment of Bagels with Cream Cheese Spreads

Assorted Muffins and Sliced Sweet Breads


Cinnamon Rolls or Sticky Buns

Homemade Scones with Fruit Preserves and Butter

Double Fudge Brownies

Assorted Freshly Baked Cookies Assorted Fruits and Snacks Individual Yogurts

Seasonal Sliced Fruits and BerriesWhole Fresh FruitAssorted Tea Sandwiches

Individual Bags Cascade Plain Potato Chips with (2) Dips

Tortilla Chips, Salsa & Guacamole

Baskets of Mixed Nuts

Assorted Truffles

Individual Bags of Plain